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What is W&W

W&W is a terrific channel for promoting women’s skills and passions. Put them to use so they aren’t lost and make a little extra income as you go.

You can set up your own personal shop window and show the world what you really love to do. In W&W you won’t need to worry about working on your résumé, or preparing for interviews. You won’t need to waste time on the other work you need, but don’t really love.

This is a creative, dynamic and experimental space where women like you can promote what you do, or what you’d like to do. Your hobby has the potential to become your profession, and your dream has the chance to become real.
This area is called EARN because in the end to live what you love is the best fulfilled dream.

Next comes SHARE
Here we can exchange our ideas and opinions with others to grow as honest, brave women.

Then there’s SWAP, where you can exchange vacation rentals, clothes, household items and services. These swaps often foster professional and personal connections with women all over the world.

This is Withandwithin,
a community of women
for women and a creative movement
that cannot be stopped.

how do I start?

Register for free! For a limited time when you register, W&W will send you a welcome gift of 300 that can be used in the swap page.

Next, develop your personal profile under my dashboard. Here you can post your favorite links, photos, ideas, services, items to sell and more. Make sure to check out the home page for new arrivals. There’s something new every day!

how does W&W work?

WithandWithin.com is organized into three sections: share, earn and swap.


The share page allows you to explore other user’s profiles. See what women from around the globe are doing right now!

Be sure to check out the groups to view users with similar passions.


The earn page is for women to promote their skills. It is divided into three sections: professional, creative, and desired.

Looking for a graphic designer and someone to help you wrap all your gifts this Christmas? Great! Search for professional services under professional and alternative services under creative. Check out both sections for products, such as fine art and jewelry. And be sure to look through member’s posts in desired to see if you can give someone else what they’ve been looking for.


The swap page also allows users to promote their expertise as well as objects looking for a new home. W&W’s unique marketplace lets users swap shoes for cooking lessons, or an unused handbag for a vacation in Tuscany! The swap page is divided into four sections: home (for vacation rentals), clothes, objects and time.

Here, all items are valued in Srbs points, so you can see, right away, what the items and services that interest you are worth. Women can trade a sweater for a vase, or purchase five hours of dog walking by swapping ribbon points. There are no limits to what you can swap for!

Great! now, how do I become an active part of W&W?

Once you’ve registered and created your personal profile under my dashboard you are ready to start enjoying the many benefits of W&W’s international, women-only network! Start by connecting with other users through your own my shares, my earnings, and my swaps pages.

my shares

The my shares page allows you to create your own network. Explore other member’s profiles from around the globe and connect with them by sending a message or a friend request. Filters on the top of the profiles page let you customize which users you want to connect to first. You can respond to other users’ ideas or share your own in the news feed. Join other members with similar passions in groups, or start your own group by selecting “create group” and inviting friends.

Keep track of your friends and groups on the home page of my dashboard. Here you see what your friends are up to, as well as share your own ideas, photos and favorite links. Don’t be shy! The more you share the more you can connect with other women just like you.

Still unsure? That’s OK. W&W is unique in that it offers a place for personal and professional sharing as well as social support. Share as little or as much as you’d like.

my earnings

Promote your professional services, your interests and items you’re looking to sell in the earn marketplace. Post conventional professional services (such as, graphic designer, lawyer, copyeditor) and products in the professional page. Post unconventional services (such as dog-walking, gift wrapping, shopping assistant) in the creative page. Or, if you can’t find that perfect something, tell users what you want in the desired page. Chances are W&W has a woman who has just what you’re searching for.

See something you’re interested in? Message users directly or use the contact information provided in the description. Not sure? That’s OK! Just add the product to your wish bag and come back to it later.

my swaps

The my swaps page also allows you to promote your expertise and items you’re looking to sell. Swap is divided into four sections: home (vacation home swapping. No real estate, sorry), clothes, objects, and time. Post your item by pricing it in Srbs points or leave the price open ( -) to let another member make an offer. You can view the swap requests for that item under my swaps in my dashboard.

Swap one item or service for another of equal value, or use ribbon points to balance trades of different values. See the perfect antique lamp that cost 100 ribbon points, but all you have is a bracelet valued at 30 ribbon points? Not a problem. Simply offer that user your bracelet plus 70 ribbon points to even the swap. If you have nothing to swap, you can purchase the lamp outright by offering the user 100 ribbon points. Ribbon points can be used on all products or services listed in the swap page. Both the “seller” and the “buyer” must agree on the swap before the transaction can be completed.

When you’re ready to swap select the “swap” button above the item and write your offer directly to the seller. Or, if you’re a little unsure, add that item into your Wish Bag and come back to it later.

earning ribbon points

Ribbon points can be earned through inviting more friends to join W&W, swapping, or by purchase. Check out the Srbs page for more information.