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There are various ways to obtain Ribbon-med points inside W&W:

through registration

  • 300 points for the early subscribers, or “founders”
  • 150 points for subsequent members

by inviting friends

  • 10 for each friend invited and registered
  • 30 bonus for 10 friends invited and registered
  • 100 bonus for 25 friends invited and registered
  • 220 bonus for 50 friends invited and registered (that’s 850 points!)

exchange in the swap section

  • Post your service or object in the swap section by providing a Srbs value, or leave the price open ( - ) to let another member make an offer. All final Srbs values must be agreed upon in order to successfully make the transaction.
  • Once an agreement has been reached the seller of the service or object receives the points and the buyer surrenders the points.



  • Give another member points by clicking on the gift icon. Gifted points can be accepted or declined by the receiver.

purchase a points bundle

  • Points can be purchased at W&W in bundles of 800 for a price of 50€
    (this feature will be coming soon)


point debt limit

You cannot have negative points. If additional points are needed for a transaction you can swap for them, invite more friends or purchase them.